Nermark, Fuzz Show 2019

Zuta amps were a surprise to me. They showed the Zuta LA25 which is a light but still all tube 3 channel amp.

At first I wasn't interested and didn't plan to check it out, but at the recommendation of a friend who said it "sounded like what a boutique Amp should sound like". So I went there and was suitably impressed. Three channels with assorted voicings and a clever user interface where the letters light up above the controls being active in the selected channel. 8 kilos and excellent for fly dates and for older players like me who just don't want the hassle of dragging heavy amps around.

What really sold me on this amp was the built-in reactive load and the best analog speaker emulation I experienced to date. The direct out felt so authentic to play that I spent more time playing than I should have.