Baskim Zuta - Founder of ZUTA Group

Baskim ZUTA founder of ZUTA Group

Born and raised in Gothenburg Sweden, Baskim Zuta founder of ZUTA GROUP is a computer and electronic engineer. When he was working as a tube-TV repair he always stared at the “slow clock” on the wall in the workshop waiting for it to turn 5 pm so he could rush home to pick up his guitar and go to band rehearsal ASAP! Always dreaming of touring the world as a guitar player in a famous heavy metal band, Baskim became a guitarist in bands such as Highlander, Vanguard, Urchin, Dream Team, Deadend, Ro-Cee, Snug, STEREOMANIACS (SONY MUSIC) and many more, playing live on the same bill as local bands Braindead and Grotesque (At The Gates), who were a part of “The Gothenburg Sound”-scene in the early ‘90:s.

In ’93 Baskim got restless and managed to convince Joacim Cans (Hammerfall), Stefan Elmgren (Hammerfall), Alexx Hedlund (Dream Team), Göran Wanhov (Vanguard), Martin Furängen (Lost Horizon), Christian Nyqvist (Lost Horizon) to move to Los Angeles with him, living and studying together at the MI in Hollywood. He started visiting all the boutique manufacturers and hanging out with Reinhold Bogner, Steve Fryette, Mike Soldano, the Groove Tubes team and the people at Mesa Boogie.

Baskim came back to Sweden in ‘94 and changed his role to become a music producer. He started several large format console studios, one of them together with music producer Tobias Lindell (Lindell Audio) and was in involved in the recordings of Highlander, Arch Enemy “Black Earth”, Lost Horizon “The Awakening”, “A Flame to the Ground Beneath” and the third *Unreleased* album, Jaggernaut, WithinY “Extended Mental Dimensions”, Stefan Elmgren’s Fullstrike “We Will Rise”, Candy Cane Garden “Fish?”, Ro-Cee, STEREOMANIACS (SONY MUSIC), Sid Wilson debut Album, Maja Norming, Slipknot Live Recording “All Hope Is Gone Tour” *Unreleased*, Luciferion “The Apostate” and many more Heavy Metal, Grunge, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Death Metal and award winning post production TV-commercials, for example Volvo Cars “Flying Colors”.

With a long career spanning over two decades in designing large format console studios and large live sound systems consoles for AVID, Allen & Heath, TC Electronic, SSL and many more for use in Arenas or at the Swedish National TV studios. Baskim started the factory Helios Electron in 2017 and began to manufacture tube amps for Bogner Amplification. In 2019 the company ZUTA GROUP was created exclusively for designing and manufacturing ZUTA branded products. In 2023 this company is producing more than 30 products and many more are in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more updates on this website!



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