About Us

From the brand's inception in 1989, marked by the designing of the ZUTA FP1 Fuzz & Phase box, up until 1993 Baskim Zuta worked with designing electronics and creating computer programs, then there was a hiatus up until 2015 when he finally picked up the torch again and started to experiment with the idea of designing better solutions for the professionals. During the hiatus the main focus was becoming a professional guitar player and touring musician, but the road was winding and he got into becoming a Studio Owner/Producer for no more than 4 large format console studios for a decade producing albums for many well known Artists touring the world. In 2005 he closed all the studios except one, his private Studio and continued to produce his own music under the act of SM. From 2005 and onwards he has been the owner of one of the biggest Pro Audio Dealership in Sweden providing services and support to the music industry in Europe. He has been supporting touring sound engineers, musicians, producers, studios, theaters, delivering and designing solutions for the largest events to the most critical technology implementations like Swedish National Television.

So 2019 we celebrated the Re-launch of the ZUTA Brand. In account of Baskim Zuta´s third decade in the music tech industry, full of experience and knowledge of what is missing in this area, we have successfully been shipping products worldwide since day one. With many dedicated professionals spread across several partnering entities, the company is growing and expanding rapidly. 

The achieved goal is "beyond boutique" level products for our most demanding users and performing Artists. Our customers are passionate people ranging from the classical to the radical spectra of users who rely on our products every day.

In any Bedroom, in all the Studios and always on every Stage we receive a whole lot of Love and praise from all of you our Heroes. And for the people who has not yet experienced the ZUTA sound, stay tuned to experience the sounds created with our products across multiple award winning Artists upcoming productions and stage performances. 2020 marks the mile stone and the year when the production of the groundbreaking LA25 MKII was finalized and released into this Universe, encouraging so many new becoming future stars to engage fearlessly across any situation, our products will never let you down. Inside of every product there is a beating heart made by the HELIOS ELECTRON team, that is why every product is "Powered by HELIOS ELECTRON" to achieve ever greater features of engineering, to the visionary ZUTA owners of today, tomorrow and beyond. ZUTA users are known to shape the world around them, by being brave and bold. As a brand we are constantly exploring and experimenting, so on this website you will also find our prototype products, including the concept products we launched for our technological innovations and future vision for our brand. The unique relationship between those who create the products and those who depend on them has helped create an enthralling story unlike any other. We will reveal and let you take a look at some of the significant people, events and stories behind the scene of the first 30 years. You will be able to explore and be a part of the ZUTA history that will unfold across this ever expanding website.