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Michael Nielsen does an in-depth tryout of the ZUTA LA25 MKII.

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The most sophisticated Guitar Pedal system on the market - ZUTA THE HOLY RAIL 33-44-66
"TRIAX made some space on my pedal board" - Euge Valovirta

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  • Swedish-designed art and technology.
  • Vintage analog technology with a future retro design. Strive for simplicity of use.

ZUTA Artists

Andy La Roque and ZUTA Pedals

Andy La Rocque -King Diamond

Between recording solos on some guest appearances, a break for trying out some new ZUTA pedals, including the (holy) power rail but also testing theZUTA GBG 120prototype! A monster!!

Euge Valovirta (Cyhra, Red Wolf)

Duality+is awesome! It replaced a few OD pedals on my studio board ‘cos that’s basically all I need. I still keep my old SD-1 on the board even though Duality does that too but old habits die hard :-)"

Peter Tägtgren - PAIN & HYPOCRISY

“The ZUTA z101 is all I need for Re-Amping!” Peter Tägtgren - Vocalist/Guitarist in PAIN & HYPOCRISY two legendary bands. He is also the Owner/Producer of the Abyss Studio.

Richard Lainegard -MMP-

"I found TRIAX guitar pedal to be a very very versatile pedal for both – in a studio for recording and live as well as a sort of a secret weapon on my pedal board. Experiment with it”

Handbuilt to define the highest quality

Building boutique amplifiers is where we started. By taking only the best parts from the traditional individual handcrafting of high-end amplifiers and the industrial standards for producing electronic devices with high quality.

Functional design beyond boutique

Beautiful vintage/futuristic design.

Clean and functional Swedish design, using only the highest quality components and materials available on the market today.