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z101 - Passive Reamp-box

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A Re-Amplifier with a rich and natural sound with openness in the top end, that makes you experience the sound that passes through this unit free of limiting boundaries.

This Passive Re-Amplifier was designed to inspire you and elevate the quality of your recordings and to make it possible to reach your sonic goals faster and with ease. We really went out of our way to bring you this highly refined quality and extremely clean Swedish design using only the highest quality components available. The choice we made for the z101 production was incorporating a light-shielded design due to sonic superiority of frequency response and openness in the top end spectra of the sonic landscape. There is a trade-off with this open design where it can be more sensitive to external interference. Feel free to get inspired by the graphical drawings we made in the photos to left.

Kevin Kaceli - Guns N' Roses - Recorded directly from the Amp Zuta LA25MKii

ZUTA pedals

Swedish designed art and technology
handbuilt to define the highest quality

Richard Roncarolo demonstrating Xpressor Guitar Petal