TRIAX - Guitar Pedal by ZUTA

Type: Stomp Boxes

Every amp that was ever built could use a boost and will sound better. Feeding it with a stronger signal makes it work on a totally different level. The sound is amplified, thicker and more powerful but that’s true for the noise too. Especially in a long chain of effects.

A perfect solution for these tricky situations is a combination of a boost and a gate. A total of 30db transparent BOOST and a unique innovative GATE defined by the fast reaction and smooth transitions, provide a solid punch for the desired tone. On top of that, a COLOR switch allows for a quick and easy mid tones shaping.

The TRIAX solves a lot of technical problems on its own and also provides a solid ground for comfortable playing with self confidence.


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Product Specific:

  • GATE pot control;
  • COLOR 4 way rotary switch - four different EQ presets;
  • BOOST pot control - 30 dB crean gain boost;
  • ON/OFF illuminated Footswitch;
  • True bypass;
  • Input and output jacks;
  • DC power input.


Series specific:

  • One single PCB with all components solid soldered;
  • Aluminium knobs with ultra-sharp grip;
  • Original Cliff Jacks;
  • High Quality metal shaft potentiometers;
  • Internal power deliverance 30V span out off +/- 15V power rails, superior stability in power supplying the circuit;
  • Bigger headroom, can handle high signals without clipping internally;
  • Lower noise floor;
  • Wider frequency bandwidth;
  • Uncompressed signal flow, retains string separation.

 Brand specific:

  • long lasting, lasered reflective white graphics;
  • full analog circuit;
  • studio quality sound;
  • easy to repair, assemble/disassemble;
  • easy transport.



  • 20 dBu Nominal Input Level 1MΩ Input Impedance;
  • 20 dBu Nominal Output Level 1KΩ Output Impedance;
  • 10KΩ Recommended Load Impedance;
  • 9-18V DC, 200mA, center negative power supply, not included;
  • Dimensions (w d h): 67 x 117 x 61mm; 2.64 x 4.6 x 2.4”;
  • 330g; 0.72 lbs weight.

ZUTA TRIAX | The Ultimate BOOST PEDAL for your TUBE AMP?

Watch full TRIAX Demo by Euge Valovirta