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Revolutionary Swedish designed 3 channel 25W tube amplifier.
With built-in Re-Amplifier, a DI, a Virtual Mic speaker simulator and a reactive load. 

Here is the User Manual


Imagine a Guitar Tube Amplifier that would have a sweetspot that was ideal for bedroom level playing, but with a "floating" sweetspot ranging all the way up to traditional band rehearsing levels. You also want it to sound good straight into a active monitor without the need to connect a traditional speaker cabinet, and the sound produced should make you feel like you actually were playing through a traditional speaker cabinet. And you want the Amp to be sensitive in the interaction with what guitar type and pickups are connected to the input interface reflecting the guitar sound signature and produce tones based on that. With a solid Tone that cut through naturally in the Mids and at the same time being able to deliver crystal crispy cleans. You also want it to be able to produce some serious saturated soaring leads. Still retaining the ease of use, and an analogue approach in ergonomics. Resulting in a very user friendly interface, yet packed with all the features that todays futuristic digital solutions offer but in an analog extraordinary sounding Tube Amp. And what if you could have a Amp that would be so cleverly thought out in its routing that it would be erasing the entire need for external utility boxes and excessive cabling. And what if the Amp was having two FX Loops one Pre and one Post of the Preamp Section. Creating a non complex setup witch would help you spend more time doing what you really want to do, "playing Guitar and create music", rather than troubleshooting complex cable routings, with multiple combinations of utility boxes, creating a non creative atmosphere in the studio. And what if it was small and lightweight so you could travel with it checked in like hand luggage on an airplane, but yet powerful enough to be able to stand its ground in a Live-band situation.

So what if we made an Amp that has a built Passive Carnhill transformer based Re-Amplifier, making it possible in the Studio to just plug a Balanced or unbalanced XLR Line level source from your DAW straight into the front of the Amps Combo Jack? And when Recording to a DAW or even in a Live situation get 4 signals out of the Amp at the same time feeding the DAW or Live FOH Mixer Console with:
1: A clean unaltered signal from the DI mic Out
2: A Virtual Mic Out, Speaker & Mic simulated signal frequency compensated
3: A Line out Signal, not frequency compensated for use with IR-Plugins or used to "feed" another power Amp and cabinet creating a larger setup.
4: And finally also feed an Speaker cabinet that you can record with a Mic
5: Actually you do not even need to use a speaker cabinet because there would be a Reactive Speaker load built in the unit.

And finally what if it was produced with modern production technology and expert quality assurance in fusion with traditional handcrafted workmanship. In a extremely rugged Aluminum chassis with the most beautiful laser burnt graphics that will last forever will make everybody's head twist. well now you can have that and it is shipping now!

Meet the ZUTA LA25 MKII

This Amplifier was designed to inspire you and elevate your playing all the way to the highest level. We really took the long road on designing the LA25 MKII because repeating ourselves was not an option, so we decided to take on the challenge and break new ground. First of all, we went for the worldwide renowned clean and functional Swedish design, using only the highest quality components and materials available on the market today. Second, we went for making it logical and easy to operate and really improve both tactical and visual ergonomics for fast operation and visibility of functions even in the dark. We are very proud to have achieved building a powerhouse amp under 7.8 Kg with its small physical footprint making it possible to bring as a hand luggage on an airplane.

We also engineered everything in a 19“ Rack 3U format with only 17 cm depth. It can work in any situation since you can put it in a studio rack, touring rack or even in a wooden headshell if you would like to have that classic look of an amplifier. We packed it full with so many features, some never done before like:

- built-in Re-Amplifier,
- DI,
- Virtual Mic speaker simulator,
- reactive load, all in one amp.

You can use the LA25 MKII without any speaker or an external load.
The possibilities are limitless.

The original LA25 has its own signature sound slightly darker and softer with just a slight touch smoother top end in the Crunch and Vintage modes.The choices we made to alter the core DNA of the LA25 MKII resulted in a new brighter sonic palette and quite alot more gain.

With all of these features, you can use the LA25 MKII for many purposes. Regardless if it's a guitar or a recording being fed into the amp, there are 4 different types of outputs: mic, instrument, line and speaker level outputs. All levels are a professional type and are meant to be used in professional sound production.

We hope you’ll enjoy this product just as much as we enjoyed designing and making it! So don't take our word for it. Get out there and try it, because there is a big chance that you can't live without it and you will buy it! ;-)

Front Panel

• The controls are sitting protected in a recess in the 5mm thick aluminium frontplate. 
• Laser engraving to keep the graphics from fading out after many years of operating.
• Illuminated letters above each potentiometer for fast recognition even in the dark.
• Combo jack, 1/4" jack or XLR plus a ground lift control. With the built-in Re-Amplifier you can use this amp for re-amping. In conjunction with the Virtual Microphone, this amp can be used many different configurations.
• EQ, Modern / Vintage setting for the Virtual Microphone. The Virtual Microphone is a Speaker Cab Simulator. There are Distance and Angle controls for fine-tuning of the virtual micing. This means that you can use the amp for recordings without a speaker and it is safe because there is a built-it reactive load. 
• FX loop switch with pot control to adjust the signal level that returns to the amplifier.
• DI FX, a switch for the PRE DI FX INSERT loop on the back the amp. 
• High Pass Filter 
• Open, Plexi and Bright sound modes
• Channel cycle
• Boost
• 3 channels and a Global Presence  pot controls 
• Stand By
• Power switch

Rear Panel

• Electricity input with fuses and voltage selector
• 16, 8 and 4 Ohm Speaker Output
• Virtual Microphone with mic/line level switch and ground lift
• Line Out / Slave Output
• FX Loop
• Pre DI FX Insert
• DI Mic Out with ground lift
• Footswitch connector


• 3 separate switches with LED for the channels 
• Boost switch
• FX switch