PHASER- Guitar Pedal by ZUTA


The phaser effect was originally invented to simulate the illusion of rotating speakers. We have achieved to produce a fluid and transparent Phaser pedal that still adds strong and a fat character to the sound. Through the precise and power stable control of the feedback signal, we also managed to retain the tingling & swirling of the original phaser effect sound signature. The STAGE knob has four modes, with increasing complexity and 3-D vibe on the mode STAGE 2, 3 and 4 while having a more 2-D feeling on STAGE 1. Our PHASER has an extremely low noise floor and has a much wider bandwidth, creating a larger sound spectrum, due to the patented ZUTA high voltage power rail design 1515TM.


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Product Specific:

  • RATE pot control- enables slow and smooth to fast erasure of edge frequency;
  • STAGE 4-way rotary switch - includes feedback on more pronounced phase-shift effects;
  • ON/OFF footswitch;
  • True bypass;
  • IN and OUT original Cliff jacks;
  • DC power input.
  • effect on/off LED;

Series specific:

  • One single PCB with all components solid soldered, no wires and no connectors inside;
  • Aluminium knobs with ultra-sharp grip;
  • Original Cliff Jacks;
  • High Quality metal shaft potentiometers;
  • Slanted shape for better sight and easy foot control access;
  • Made to slide into a rail pedalboardTM;
  • Mechanically and electrically isolated footswitch;
  • Internal power deliverance 30V span out off +/- 15V power rails, superior stability in power supplying the circuit;
  • Bigger headroom, can handle high signals without clipping internally;
  • Lower noise floor;
  • Wider frequency bandwidth;
  • Uncompressed signal flow, retains string separation.

Brand specific:

  • long lasting, lasered reflective white graphics;
  • full analog circuit;
  • studio quality sound;
  • easy to repair, assemble/disassemble;
  • easy transport.



  • 20 dBu Nominal Input Level 1MΩ Input Impedance;
  • 20 dBu Nominal Output Level 1KΩ Output Impedance;
  • 10KΩ Recommended Load Impedance;
  • 9-18V DC, 200mA, center negative power supply, not included;
  • Dimensions (w d h): 49 x 117 x 61mm; 1.9 x 4.6 x 2.4”;
  • 250g; 0.55 lbs weight.