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GBG120 - Tube Amp by ZUTA - Coming soon

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As a part of the scene that became legendary in the Late -80:s through the -90:s known to the world as “The Gothenburg Sound” ZUTA is now Introducing the revolutionary & ultimate guitar amplifier for the most discerning musician:

Behold the “GBG120” Tube Amp

It’s our all Analogue 19" rack-mounted Tube Amp, 3-Rack units high. And the best part? It's only 7,8” (20 cm) deep, 120W powerhouse! Taking you from the 1950:s to the 2050:s in a flash!

With its Ultra compact design sporting 4-Channels, each featuring separate Gain, Volume, and EQ controls, and multiple Console-style Mode switches that are illuminated in different colors for visual feedback in any environment, so that you always can see what you're doing – even in the darkest of venues. You'll be able to dial in the exact sound you're looking for in no time! You can be sure that your sound will be as clean, soft, sweet, delicate, funky, sparky, crunchy, rocking, powerful, expressive, and aggressive as you are. The GBG120 is super responsive and organic. We have worked super hard not to sacrifice the Clean Sound on the expense of the Ultra High Gain capabilities, this was only made possible through implementing four different Pre-Amp topologies all working together inside this AMP!


Unlike other amplifiers that can take up a lot of precious stage or studio space, our amplifier's slim design makes it the perfect choice for any musician who needs a powerful and versatile amplifier that won't take up too much room.

But our amplifier isn't just compact – it's also packed with features that will blow your mind. With a solo section for added versatility active on all 4 channels, and a built-in addressable gate per channel to help you achieve the perfect tone with zero noise, our amplifier is unlike anything you've ever played before. And with both serial and parallel loop options, you can easily incorporate your favorite pedals and effects into your setup.

Let's not forget about the tubes – with 12AX7 tubes in the Pre-amp section, 6L6 and EL34 tubes in any combination in the Power-Amp section. You can achieve that rich, warm, and dynamic sound that only comes from tube amplifiers. And with our quality that is “Beyond Boutique” Amps, you can trust that this amplifier was built to last and to deliver the performance you would expect and need in the most critical of situations like on a live stage or in a hot session in the studio cutting your next track.


  • GATE – Treshold knob, each channel has a GATE button to activate the gate function independently ;
  • GAIN, VOLUME, LOW, MID, HIGH – Separate knob sections for each of the 4 channels;
  • Channel 1 – Dedicated 4 buttons, LOW CUT, GAIN, GATE, BRIGHT ;
  • Channel 2 – Dedicated 4 buttons, VINTAGE, GAIN, GATE, BRIGHT ;
  • Channel 3 – Dedicated 4 buttons, VINTAGE, GAIN, GATE, BRIGHT ;
  • Channel 4 – Dedicated 4 buttons, LOW BOOST, TIGHT, GATE, MID BOOST ;
  • SOLO – Dedicated LEVEL KNOB;
  • – Presence Knob + Presence Frequency Shift Button located under the knob.
  • DEPTH – Speaker Cabinet Frequency Resonance Knob
  • MIX – Mix of dry vs wet signal in the FX Loop + Paralell Button & FX Loop “IN” button located above the MIX knob
  • AB-STB-A-B – This is the STAND BY rotary knob on the front panel above the POWER button. You can choose STB which puts the AMP in STAND BY mode. You can choose AB which engages booth pairs of Power-Amp tubes. You can also choose A or B which engages only one of the pairs of Power-Amp tubes and cuts it down to Half Power. Possible Combinations 4 x 6L6 or 4 x EL34 or a mix of one pair of 6L6 and one pair of EL34. Or run it in Half Power mode for example Mode “A” a pair of 6L6 or Mode “B” a pair of EL34.
  • POWER – Power button is turning on the AMP , The illuminated colors of the POWER button will change accordingly to the modes selected with the STB rotary knob located above the POWER button.
  • MASTER – Master Volume Knob + 234 Button activating DIODE bridging for the Channels 2-3-4 adding more compression and clipping to the signal, located above the MASTER Knob.
  • SPEAKER OUT JACKS – 2 X 4 Ohms + 2 X 8 Ohms + 16 Ohm
  • INPUT – Input jack 1 on front panel and Input jack 2 located on the rear panel
  • LINE OUT – Line out level signal located on the rear panel
  • SEND & RETURN – Send & Return jacks are located on the rear panel
  • FOOTSWITCH – Footswitch XLR connector is located on the rear panel
  • FS-1 – Foot Controller with 6 switches and a XLR connector on the side panel
  • Pre-Amp tubes are 7 x 12AX7
  • Power-Amp you can choose to use 4 x 6L6 and 4 x EL34 or mix with one pair of 6L& and one pair of EL34.
  • 19” Rackable
  • Ultra Silent industry quality level built in fan, for cool operation under any circumstance
  • 230v/115v Switchable Voltage selector located on the rear panel. ATTENTION! Changing voltage requires change of FUSE to the appropriate value. FUSE socket located at the MAINS INPUT located on the rear panel.


  • Dimensions (w d h): 483 x 220 x 133mm; 19 x 8.66 x 5.25”
  • 16 kg; 35 lbs weight.


Kevin Kaceli - Guns N' Roses - Recorded directly from the Amp Zuta LA25MKii

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Richard Roncarolo demonstrating Xpressor Guitar Petal