LA25 Tube Amp - by ZUTA


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Beautiful vintage/futuristic designed 3 channel 23W tube amplifier.
With a built-in Virtual Mic speaker simulator and a reactive load.

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The ZUTA LA25 was the first product that came to be created out of the Helios Electron factory, as the first product out of the brand new factory, we worked extremely hard to make sure that the LA25 was going to make an impact on the market. It was the hardest thing to achieve but it gave us so much pride and confidence to continue our journey, and since that day we have already been delivering LA25´s by the hundreds, which was a big success for us. And the early adopters are still holding on to their units.

The ZUTA LA25 is both an extremely versatile and compact amp with sounds ranging from clean, jazz to hard rock and metal. Depending on what guitar and pickup that feeds the input jack, the sound produced will differ significantly. And only weighing 8 kg makes it ideal to bring as a hand luggage on any flight, bus, car or train when you are traveling. The pure power of a pair of QUAD-Matched Sovtek EL84 Tubes packed into this little power grid makes it really loud. Use it on a rehearsal with your band the LA25 will be loud enough to cut through even when jamming with a hard-hitting drummer. You can also use it in the studio and record both the microphone signal and the virtual Mic signal at the same time.  And it can be operated without a load because it has a built-in reactive load, this features are great when you don't want to use a speaker cabinet but still want to run the Amp hot enough to reach its sweet spot, straight into a DAW or a FOH house mixing desk in an Arena. After the show you can bring it to your hotel room and record new song ideas without disturbing the neighbors.

Front Panel

• Custom Vintage Gold color 
• Illuminated letters above each potentiometer for fast recognition even in the dark.
• Dynamic Mode when not engaged adding a more compressed sound on CH2 & CH3 making your playing more fluid
• Vintage Mode when pressed making CH2 behave like a Plexi and CH3 becomes CH2 in characteristics.
• Bright mode boosts the high frequencies on CH1
• Channel cycle
• Boost Switch adds more gain on CH2 & CH3
• 3 channels and a Global Presence  pot controls 
• Stand By
• Power switch

Rear Panel

• Virtual Microphone with mic level switch and ground lift
• EQ, Modern / Vintage setting for the Virtual Microphone. The Virtual Microphone is a Speaker Cab Simulator. There are Distance and Angle controls for fine-tuning of the virtual micing. This means that you can use the amp for recordings without a speaker and it is safe because there is a built-it reactive load. 
• FX loop switch with pot control to adjust the signal level that returns to the amplifier.
• BITE switch will make the low frequencies a little bit tighter and a small amount of mid-frequency shift. Making the Amp sit better in a busy mix when recording.
• Electricity input with fuses and voltage selector
• 16, 8 and 4 Ohm Speaker Output
• Line Out / Slave Output
• Footswitch connector


• 3 separate switches with LED for the channels 
• Boost switch
• FX switch