ZUTA Group at NAMM Show 2023 Part II.

ZUTA Group at NAMM Show 2023 Part II.

ZUTA Group at NAMM Show 2023 Part II.

Thursday, finally the NAMM show kicks off. And there is plenty of people passing through our booth. Amazed by our products that looks like colorful Swedish candy. Yes, it's candy for all guitar players out there. Even the kids loved our booth, because we brought 60 lbs. of Swedish candy in a suitcase, all the way from Sweden, in all different kinds of flavors. On the third day all the candy was gone…?!? We were all stoked by the attention we got, both from colleagues in the business, other brands’ employees, influencers, customers, and friends. We felt the support when other brands’ designers came back multiple times bringing along other colleagues to check out our products! Great mutual respect was refreshing and there were positive vibes all over. A very successful start and I believe we made a big statement this time. For us showing off the blue faced GBG120 Tube Amplifier made peoples head twist. We also had the opportunity to promote the new product line “THE HOLY RAIL” with all the new different adapters for that system. “THE HOLY RAIL” is a brand-new concept, that helps you organize all your pedals into a very compact System, it’s compatible with all kinds of pedals not only ZUTA pedals.

We had the pleasure of having Herman Li of Dragon Force visiting us at our booth. He was quite interested in our products which was heartwarming for us. But the funny twist was that, when I introduced Martin Vildinge, our Coordinator, to Herman and explained that we both were involved in the band Lost Horizon, me as a guitar player in the band Highlander that preceded Lost Horizon and then me in the role as an executive producer of the Lost Horizon albums. While Martin is playing the bass guitar on all albums! Herman immediately took out his phone and said that he needed someone to take a photo with us because he was a big fan of Lost Horizon. In fact, he told us that he flew from London to France just to see the first gig of Lost Horizon 20 years ago!

Martin and Baskim of the ZUTA team together with Herman Li of Dragon Force

Matt Erickson attendee courtesy Fender made a welcomed visit and was keen about the large number of products that we launched during the show. Especially the all new “THE HOLY RAIL 33-44-66”-concept together with pedals.

My beer supplier and dear friend, Harris Fogel. So good to see you again, it’s been a long time since last year’s show. I really appreciate the friendship, so kind of you to care for me, me just a stranger that you saw struggling, and without any hesitation, you gave me your support. I can only say that I’m grateful for your kind act. Make sure to check out last year’s review by Harris right here!

One of many guitarists that stopped by our booth to try out our new ultra fresh amp, the GBG120. So, what was the verdict? Well just checkout his facial expression and the sign of throwing up some horns!

Shane Nolan, a dear friend and colleague from Aviate Audio, checking out the GBG120 and loving it. Especially the big, illuminated console-style buttons.

“Everyday Giveaway” was a success at our booth. We gave away three pedals, it was an all fun game. Participants had to take a selfie at our booth, post it on Instagram with #nammzuta and get the most likes that day to win the pedal! 😊 Our pedals and amplifiers received a lot of positive feedback from visitors who tried them out multiple times throughout the event. Many people were amazed by the quality, sound, and design of our products. It was a truly incredible feeling to see the reactions of musicians and guitarists as they tried our pedals and amplifiers. Especially our new amplifier, which we exclusively presented at the NAMM SHOW 2023, was a particular hit amongst the visitors. Many people were excited to try it out and were impressed with its sound and versatility.

Rodrigues, what a great friendship through Roman our friend in LA hooking us up with all kinds of stuff, including the great 4x12 V30 cabinet they provided us with. Rodrigues is also a skilled photographer, he caught some beautiful moments that will be shared on our platforms. And yes Rodrigues happy smiling face, is a result of seeing the light in the tunnel regarding reaching the Enlighted level of the Shaolin Master Baskim’s glorious beard.

If you are using the ZUTA GBG120, “There is no need for wood to sound good!” check out the video on Instagram when I’m trying this guitar out on the GBG120. An amazing handcrafted no wood guitar by our friends. It felt surprisingly comfortable to play, reminding me of my Yngwie Malmsteen scalloped Fender Stratocaster. And it really sounded great! My Mexican friend, full of energy and creativity, we should do a True Temperament version of this guitar, that would be radical!


This young lad really impressed me playing the GBG120 like an old geezer! He was so talented and had such a great tone and expression, that usually only is achieved through years of duty in a touring band which does not match with his age? There is still hope for a new generation of inspiring musicians! I’m pretty sure we will see this guy on tour very soon, but next time we meet again he will have started his journey on growing a beard…. He is way behind LOL.

Dave Kline and Eric Jayk touring with “Wildstreet”, looking electrified after taking the GBG120 for a ride playing so loud that the NAMM Show “Sound Police” turned up, ordering us to keep it down. We replied “of course officer”. And after they left Eric turned it up twice as loud rockin’ out.

Great to catch up with Olivia Junholm, my dear friend and legend “Olle Junholms” daughter working at Musicians Institute of Technology, together with her team, Estefania Hernandez and Chieh-Han Chen.

Me and Martin Vildinge studied guitar and bass at MI back in -93 through -94, great memories. So good to see new generations still pushing the boundaries.

Mr. Javier Sepulveda, what a great guy and guitar player! So much fun hanging out in our booth with him while he was delivering great riffs mixed with good laughs.

Inspiring jam with bass player extraordinary Josh Howard, loved our stuff and got super excited when I started telling him about the bass products that we have in the pipeline. Stay tuned all you low end lovers more stuff is coming in 2023.

First day done! Time to go to dinner at the Hilton with Danny, my LA brother!! Danny has been a part of the ZUTA US team since NAMM 2022. Follow him @dvamp6 and “Let him help you get that Tone”!

At the Hilton watching these to “Funky Cats” perform on stage, killer act, yet super humble. So great to see all these extremely talented artists perform on these stages with quick changes of line ups and a super good vibe hitting them from the crowd.

Dinner at the Hilton, steaks, burgers and beer with Rodrigues and his girlfriends, plus Danny, Roman and Mr Photographer. It turned out to be a crazy night with music, drinks, beers and a great ending at the pool area party at the Marriot, hanging out with Joel Truelsen Artist Relations at SOLAR guitars.