ZUTA Group at NAMM2023

NAMM SHOW 2023 Report Part I.

NAMM SHOW 2023 Report Part I.

ZUTA at NAMM Show 2023

We are back in Sweden after a week at the Los Angeles NAMM Show 2023! We are still recovering from all the rocking musical events during last week with countless blazing guitar solos at our booth, and being blown away by all the talents at the shows on stage at the hotel lobbies. We met incredibly talented people like Dave Friedman, Reinhold Bogner, Henrik Danhage, Herman Li, Joel Truelsen, John Huldt, Javier Sepulveda, Darnell Cole, Stu Ham, Diego Gonzales, Harris Fogel, Mitch Gallahger, Estafania Hernandez, Olivia Junholm, Josh Howard, Shawn Tubbs, Silas Hernandes, Serhii Kirsanov, Daniel, Matt Erickson, Riccard Linde, Sid Wilson, Kody Spank and many many many more.... It was amazing to meet all the musicians and artists. We are honored by the great feedback and response that we have received for our brand new products. And three happy winners were announced for winning our pedals from the “Everyday Giveaway”. We are already looking forward for the NAMM SHOW 2024! We would like to once again make a big “Thank you!” shout out to every one of you who visited our booth and tried our products. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you all again soon. Until then, you can enjoy our new blog section for more in-depth inspiring news and behind the scene stories.

Finally, it's time for the NAMM SHOW 2023. Here is a picture showing the descent of our flight approaching LAX. What a breathtaking overview of the Los Angeles skyline. Just look at the beautiful snow covered Mt San Antonio mountain top. The deep azure blue color of the LA skyline is identical to our new product reveal the GBG120, that is going to be showcased at the NAMM SHOW. We are in love with this vibrant blue color. We are super excited for heading to the Anaheim Convention Center, to attend the NAMM SHOW and present our new product lines. We are looking forward to meeting all our friends, colleagues  & customers in the business. We are expecting positive reactions due to the radical new bold designs that we are bringing.


We arrived at LAX and started the process of passing through immigration – it took two hours! And of course, one of our bags with half of our products for the show had been taken, picked up by another passenger who had an identical bag arriving from Mexico. We got picked up by Arnold Lindberg who had been waiting for us at the airport for ten hours. Due to arriving on a different flight seven hours earlier and then another three hours delay because of the lost bag. He picked us up with a pickup truck. And we went for In & Out Burgers immediately as our first stop. Best burger so far! Heading for Anaheim and the Airbnb apartment that we rented, spending the night trying to find the lost bag. And a very not fun and stressful evening evolved. Trying to speak Spanish with Google Translate, and involving several other people on long distance call over WIFI because of non-functioning phone services. Resulting in two hours of sleep in 48 hours, but luckily the bag turned up the next day after and we could go to customs and clear it.


Next day we headed straight for LAX and got lucky and finally got our lost bag back at the airport. Finally we could relax and clear everything at the customs office, and get our documents in order. We figured we needed to celebrate this, so we went to one of mine and my family’s favorite restaurants in LA, located in Thai town, called “Ruen Pair”. Authentic Thai food with an amazing taste, flavor, quality and service. I recommend it to everyone, if you ever go to LA, and are looking for Thai food. Really spicy, cool down your face with a couple of Singha beers that’s what life’s about, good food in the company of good friends.


Ruen Pair, in Thai Town, East Hollywood Los Angeles.

Ruen Pair, in Thai Town, East Hollywood Los Angeles.

ZUTA at NAMM 2023 booth #5828

The ZUTA Group booth at NAMM 2023, #5828

Next morning, we headed to the Anaheim Convention Center. After a very long day fixing everything before the NAMM show, rigging up, connecting, unpacking, putting up banners and going to different stores to pick up stuff that was missing. We decided to go and eat at the Beverly Hills restaurant Fogo De Chao, Brazilian Steakhouse. We finally had a chance to meet up with Riccard Linde, the original heavyweight Author/Director of some the most successful video games of all time, like Battlefield & Call of Duty. He’s a very dear friend and an amazing person. It's been six years since we saw each other, last time that we met was outside a club on Hollywood Blvd, later inviting us all for an after party in his flat with me, Reinhold Bogner and some other people showing up. So we had a lot of catching up to do. Also joining us at this late evening dinner, another dear friend of mine showed up, Sid Wilson of Slipknot. We had a fabulous time and it was great to catch up with my dear friends. After the dinner Sid Wilson suggested that we go and stop by his new studio on Sunset Blvd. In Hollywood. We arrived and broke in like bandits! We had a good laugh and listened to some great new music that he is involved in producing. This new band, even got legendary producer Ross Robinson involved with his label. The band is called “Swollen Teeth”. They sound really fresh, hungry, heavy and ultra aggressive. So there were talks about the sound of the new ZUTA GBG120 Amplifier, and how it would match the aggressive vibe that the band needed. We also saw their great new AI infused video “LETHAL”. Sid Wilson is always in a good mood, we had a blast and good fun in his new studio location, and man his glasses?! I just love them. And don’t forget to check out “Swollen Teeth” they f#&kin Rock !!!

We are back with part II soon!

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