z111 - Passive DI-box


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A Passive DI with a rich and natural sound with an openness in the top end, that makes you experience the sound that passes through this unit free of limiting boundaries. 

This Passive DI was designed to handle touring and other demanding fields of use. The z111 is already used by a large amount of studio producers and touring Artist every day in studios and on live events from small clubs to large venues. The quality and extremely clean Swedish design makes it easy to use. And the choice to only use the highest quality components available was natural for us. The choice we made for the z111 production was incorporating a light-shielded design due to sonic superiority of frequency response and openness in the top end spectra of the sonic landscape. There is a trade-off with this open design where it can be more sensitive to external interference. The most common use for this device is to split the instrument signal in two: one to plug it in an amp and the other into a DAW or a FOH mixer feeding a PA. This way you can hear amplified and colored sound trough an amp but record it dry so you can modify it later. Feel free to get inspired by the graphical drawings we made in the photos to left.