Helios Electron

With the lifetime of experience in electronics, programming, playing and producing music, Baskim Zuta, Ajrula Zuta, Reinhold Bogner and Jovan Naumoski founded Helios Electron in 2017. Since then, many professionals have contributed in every field: ideas, planning, prototyping, standardization, manufacturing, marketing, etc. Some of them briefly, many of them still work or visit regularly, but all together have created a unity of work force and will power to create epic products. It's funny how the people that actually soldered and assembled each part by hand, have little to no idea what they actually created. This is where you, the users come to save the day. We need you to do your best and play the most wonderful music and give feedback so we can improve

This is the core.
The power house of ZUTA.
A lab where crazy experiments happen. 
explain the hybrid.
There is on quality neglection on the count of mass production