DISTORTION - Guitar Pedal by ZUTA


Distortion - the pedal that transformed the clean electric guitar from background support to a lead instrument in many genres. When set up properly, the distortion cuts through the mix without a problem and grabs the listeners’ attention in depth. Because of the distortion’s raw power to transform the sound, it has to be set precisely but too many options just make it confusing and hard. That’s why this distortion is operated parametrically. The two EQ presets modes are accessed pushing the MOD button, from warm classic mid push to aggressive scooped with hyped highs, generates the JFET transistor based vintage distortion sound, that can be furtherly fine-tuned with the TONE and CONTOUR controls. The 4 different modes of gain staging distortion range from crunch to heavy riffing.



Product specific:

  • TONE pot control;
    • CONTOUR pot control;
    • GAIN pot control;
    • VOLUME pot control;
    • MOD illuminated button switch (mid cut / mid push);
    • MODE 4 way rotary switch;
    • JFET Distortion.

Series specific:

  • All solid solder, no wires and no connectors inside;
    • Aluminium knobs with ultra-sharp grip;
    • Slanted shape for better sight and easy foot control access;
    • Made to slide into a rail pedalboardTM;
    • Mechanically and electrically isolated footswitch.

Brand specific:

  • long lasting, lasered reflective white graphics;
    • full analog circuit;
    • studio quality sound;
    • easy to repair, assemble/disassemble;
    • easy transport.


  • 20 dBu Nominal Input Level 1 MΩ Input Impedance
    • 20 dBu Nominal Output Level 1 KΩ Output Impedance
    • 10 KΩ Recommended Load Impedance
    • 9-18 V DC, 200 mA, center negative power supply, not included
    • Dimensions (w d h): 95 x 117 x 61 mm; 3.74 x 4.6 x 2.4”
    • Weight 390 g; 0.86 lbs.

ZUTA DISTORTION | From Clean To Extreme!

Watch the full DISTORTION Demo by Euge Valivirta.