STRÖM - Power Supply by ZUTA

Type: power supply

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The core of electric guitar sound is a symphony of electricity. STRÖM is turning regular noisy, unstable and hum-polluted AC electricity from the wall, into a steady stream across multiple outputs flowing with purified, pristine, stable and hum-free port-by-port isolated DC electricity. No more bad electricity polluting or coloring the sound of the pedals. This requires multiple stages of well-crafted transformation of AC to DC. STRÖM is capable of powering a vast number of guitar pedals silently and reliably. We strive for the sound of silence, so Ultra-low-noise comes as standard in all our products. 

STRÖM is the most sophisticated isolated pedal power supply available today. Guitar players need a reliable and consistent source of power to ensure that the pedals function properly, especially during performances. Where AC power is usually of poor quality and is noisy, and full of disturbing hum. When guitar pedals are powered properly, they will perform at their optimum level and produce the ultimate sound.  

robust STRÖM provides it all, as the quietest and most powerful pedal power supply on the market. The 5 output sockets are isolated to the point that they act as individual power adapters for each pedal delivering a staggering 500mA on each port, if one port fails the power supply continues to work on the rest of the ports. Everything is tightly packed into our original enclosures and fits seamlessly with the z300 series into the “THE HOLY RAIL” series of Pedalboards. The STRÖM accepts any adapter input that fits into the voltage and amperage limits, making it ultra-redundant.  



Product specific:

Product specific:

  • Input DC socket: 9-36V, min 0.5A; 
  • Power supply adapter from AC 100-240V to DC 24V 2A; 
  • 5 isolated output DC sockets: 9V; 
  • Fixed 500 mA on all 11 outputs, regardless of voltage. 
  • Individual LED indicators for all sockets.

    Series specific:

    • All components are soldered solid to the PCB. No wires and no connectors inside; 
    • High quality industrial grade components;
    • Slanted shape for better sight; 
    • Designed to fit in the Rail Pedalboard; 
    • Noiseless.

     Brand specific:

    • long lasting, lasered reflective white graphics; 
    • full analog circuit; 
    • studio quality sound; 
    • easy to repair, assemble/disassemble; 
    • easy transport.


    • AC/DC INPUT x 1; 
    • DC OUTPUT 9V x 5;

    Electrical Specifications: 

    • DC or AC 24V /48W min. -recommended. 
    • DC or AC 12-24 V /48W min. -optimal range. 
    • DC or AC 9-36V /48W min. -nominal range.


    •  DC 9V/0.5A x 5.