THE GATE - Guitar Pedal by ZUTA


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The Gate is the most musical in its genre on the market today. Simplicity in a small package, yet so effective in removing the unwanted hum and noise created by un pure power or multiple gain stages amplifying everything that creates chaos in the pauses in between played notes. Finally, one knob to rule them all. Cleaning up your chops make sound you sound how you always heard it in your mind. Pedalboards as a whole are pretty complicated compositions and problems can escalate quickly with all the parameters shifting around. Adjusting one control requires compensation from few other controls and there is the rabbit hole. The solution is as simple as it gets - one knob, one function.


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Product Specific:

  • GATE pot control;
  • ON/OFF footswitch;
  • True bypass;
  • IN and OUT original Cliff jacks;
  • DC power input;
  • effect on/off LED;
  • gate on/off LED.

Series specific:

  • One single PCB with all components solid soldered, no wires and no connectors inside;
  • Aluminium knobs with ultra-sharp grip;
  • Original Cliff Jacks;
  • High Quality metal shaft potentiometers;
  • Slanted shape for better sight and easy foot control access;
  • Made to slide into a rail pedalboardTM;
  • Mechanically and electrically isolated footswitch;
  • Internal power deliverance 30V span out off +/- 15V power rails, superior stability in power supplying the circuit;
  • Bigger headroom, can handle high signals without clipping internally;
  • Lower noise floor;
  • Wider frequency bandwidth;
  • Uncompressed signal flow, retains string separation.

Brand specific:

  • long lasting, lasered reflective white graphics;
  • full analog circuit;
  • studio quality sound;
  • easy to repair, assemble/disassemble;
  • easy transport.



  • 20 dBu Nominal Input Level 1MΩ Input Impedance;
  • 20 dBu Nominal Output Level 1KΩ Output Impedance;
  • 10KΩ Recommended Load Impedance;
  • 9-18V DC, 200mA, center negative power supply, not included;
  • Dimensions (w d h): 49 x 117 x 61mm; 1.9 x 4.6 x 2.4”;
  • 250g; 0.55 lbs weight.